New Students - 2013
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OK, the moment you have all been waiting for, 5 students passed their exams and got into Universidad Autonoma De Nayarit. To have this many students pass, means maybe we are getting our selection process a little more fine tuned. Of the 5, there will be 3 new girls and 1 boy at the house. 1 girl only needed tuition. This works out to 3 girls per bedroom, with the 2 boys down stairs. They all start school next Monday and will be taking the combi to the house this Sunday afternoon. Over the last 2 weeks, Leon, Jorge, Gabreila, Greg and myself have met with both the students and families separately and talked about the family commitment needed. We have also set down some new house rules, I will send this in a separate document for your review. All the students have agreed to these terms. I will also send a picture file so you can match up the names with the faces.

The new students are
1. Cristian Garcia - Computer Engineering
2. Bruceyda Huizar - Business Adminisrtation
3. Jessica Lopez - Computer Systems Engineering
4. Azuzena Virgen - Business Administration
5. Alejandra Parra - Accounting

I am sure you have a number of questions to ask of me, so please try and make a list and I will respond ASAP.

So, of the 8 students that took the exam, 5 passed. And not only that, but 4 of the students passed both of the tests they took. Just Amazing !!!!!

We have made numerous trips to Tepic over the last 2 weeks to get the house ready and meet with the landlord. Our new lease is signed, with only a 200 pesos increase over last year. We have the bunk beds all set up with the needed mattress's, purchased some new sheets for the new students, got the washing machine up and running again, and did some touch-up painting so it is ready for another year.

Thanks to all of you, it seems this program is on the right track. It just could not get done without the generous contributions the whole group makes toward such a noble program


Ken Hallenbeck

Cristian Garcia

Bruceyda Huizar

Jessica Lopez

Azuzena Virgen

Alejandra Parra