Scholarship Sponsors

Notice to potential donors/student supporters; the cost per year for rent on an apartment near the University of Tepic, tuition (varies by school) and incidentals (furniture, repairs, etc.) runs approximately $100 per month per student. The program has a Paypal account (see top left on this page) and ANY contributions are welcome and appreciated. We are currently supporting four students with four main supporters and several lesser contributors. We have room for at least two more students this year and could acommodate as many as four more if funding were available. Accounting reports are available quarterly to all participants.

Our German Sponsors support 1 student.

Weltladen in Ueberlingen (Lake of Constance, Germany)

Contact person Gabriele F. Traub-Jahn, living all year long in Santa Cruz-Miramar.

Weltladen means world shop. World shops sell fair trade (often organic) products and are normally run by volunteers. Prices for products from the south very often are so low that non-industrial farmers have no chance to survive economically. Worldshops pay a fair price for the products allowing the producers to live in dignity and securing the economical basis for future generations.

Fran and Fred are retired educators. She taught high school and was a career counselor. He taught grades one to twelve and was a high school assistant principal. They live on the extreme south end of Playa Matanchen in one side of a bright red duplex (and rent the other side). She is also involved in making a tourist map of Aticama and compiling a directory of all the north americans living on Bahia Matanchen. He is on the board of the organization and Director of International Fundraising for the Matanchen Bay Cultural Center.

Greetings from La Manzanilla, Nayarit, Mexico.

We are both retired high school teachers from Lion's Head, Ontario, Canada. We came to Mexico 7 winters ago, looking for an escape from the cold, Canadian winters and ended up buying a home here that we use as a winter residence. We have become actively involved in the community after meeting many wonderful Mexican families who warmly welcomed us into their lives and hearts. We have a strong belief that the key to the future of this country lies in "education". An interest in being able to offer them more opportunities enticed us to become supporters of this program. As well, we teach several English classes weekly at the local cultural centre in an attempt to encourage more young people to continue on with their educational pursuits. We are thrilled to be part of this endeavour and encourage anyone who wants to make a sincere contribution to these wonderful young people, to consider making a donation. No matter the amount of money, even a "one time" donation is greatly appreciated. Please consider joining us as we do the best we can to open doors for these deserving students. It is a privilege to be part of this program.

Teresa Dunnigan & Sam James