Each summer, after the school year has ended, the Library sponsors a series of programs to encourage students to use the facilities of the Library. Groups of teachers from the public schools in the area conduct reading programs, art classes, and other workshops.

Children are strongly encouraged to participate in this program that encourages students to keep reading, writing, and using their math skills during their summer vacation.

The 2012 Program also consisted of a series of workshops for children, young and old, with different themes, but with special emphasis on the celebration of the Year of the Mayan culture. There were workshops celebrating the 200th birth date of Charles Dickens as well as the winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa and Gabriel García Márquez. There were also workshops for children and young people promoting creative writing.

Thanks to all who donated money and supplies to last year’s program! Please contact us if you would like to help or participate this year.