For a non-profit organization to be successful and serve the needs of its local community, it must have funding. This funding can come from various sources – governmental funding, fundraising events, individual and corporate donations, and sustaining sponsors.

The Matanchen Bay Cultural Center is no different than any other organization in this regard – it must have funds to operate, maintain its building, and provide services.

The only governmental support we receive is the provision of two (2) librarians by the Municipality of San Blas.

All other expenses of the Cultural Center are covered by private donations. In other words, we get by with a little help from our friends!

We do have two (2) sustaining sponsors who have committed to donate funds on a monthly or yearly basis. However, we need more. With a better commitment of funds, we would be better able to budget annually based on projected funds.

Please consider becoming a sustaining sponsor! Any and all amounts help! Contact Leon Pope ( for more information about how to become a sustaining sponsor.